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World Leaders--Feed the Children, avoiding Judgement, and Be Happy!

We hear news of countries and big foundations helping poor countries to fight with these issues and one may think that things are being taken care of and it is just a matter of time before problems of poverty and child hunger are solved.

For those people who share the same thinking, please see the video below that shows how much help is given to our Brothers and Sisters who need the most and how much is TAKEN BACK FROM THEM!.

At the end of the video it states, for the $130 billion dollars' help, the rich are taking back as much as 2 trillion dollars!

“Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his Life for his friends”,

John 15:13

Unicef SOWC 2016

We ARE Our Brothers' Keeper if We wish to be Saved!

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We do not need to die to get to heaven folks! "Heaven" was here when

The Lord was here! Please now read The Gospel again, The Only Gospel, The True

Gospel, and bring The Lord back NOW, through ACTION!


Remember Dear People, Making our Political and Religious leaders accountable NOW

to feed those children dying from starvation today and allowing them to "Be Fruitful and Multiply"

will bring our Lord back NOW and He will be Happy!

Please contribute in this mission by sending emails to the

world leaders daily and refer them to this website.

It will help to raise awareness and might push them

to give better attention to the pressing issues.

Twitter accounts of World Leaders are found at this link:

God accepts challenges...

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