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Religious and Political World Leaders: It’s Your Decision!

Just as it is the decision of World Leaders to see that the starving children get fed or not and have children of their own, it is also the World Leaders’ decision whether or not disabled children get healed or not and have children of THEIR own.

The Executive Director of UNICEF said these words in 2013 referring to Children with Disabilities:

"Is there a child who does not dream of being counted and having her or his gifts and talents recognized? No. All children have hopes and dreams – including children with disabilities. And all children deserve a fair chance to make their dreams real. …when given that chance, children with disabilities are more than capable of overcoming barriers to their inclusion, of taking their rightful place as equal participants in society and of enriching the life of their communities.

But for far too many children with disabilities, the opportunity to participate simply does not exist. Far too often, children with disabilities are among the last in line for resources and services, especially where these are scarce to begin with. Far too regularly, they are the objects simply of pity or, worse, discrimination and abuse.

The deprivations faced by children and adolescents with disabilities are violations of their rights and the principle of equity, at the heart of which lies a concern for the dignity and rights of all children – including the most vulnerable and marginalized members of society.

As this report documents, the inclusion of children with disabilities in society is possible – but it requires first a change of perception, a recognition that children with disabilities hold the same rights as others; that they can be agents of change and self-determination, not merely the beneficiaries of charity; that their voices must be heard and heeded in our policymaking and programs.

We contribute to their exclusion by failing to gather enough data to inform our decisions. When we fail to count these children, we are failing to help them count for all they should in their societies.

…Somewhere, a child is being told he cannot play because he cannot walk, or another that she cannot learn because she cannot see. That boy deserves a chance to play. And we all benefit when that girl, and all children, can read, learn and contribute.

The path forward will be challenging. But children do not accept unnecessary limits. Neither should we."

In his ‘Foreword’ written in UNICEF’S 2013 State of the World’s Children, the Executive Director added, “ Fortunately, progress is being made – albeit unevenly.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, There has NEVER been progress, presently there is no progress, and there will NEVER be progress until the mindset of all World Leaders change! This is NOT about MONEY. If this is what the World Leaders want to believe they are WRONG! It is about them making the decision whether or not THEY LOVE CHILDREN! To date, they HAVEN’T!

Before the Creator of the universe was murdered by the leaders that were in the world two millenniums ago the Lord stated, “Even the TAX COLLECTORS LOVE THEIR OWN CHILDREN”. My word to the Religious and Political Leaders of the world is this: God accepts challenges, just like He did from JACOB. And He wants US, ALL OF US, to CHALLENGE HIM TOO! Genesis 32:24-28


By telling Him, to date, we have been WRONG.

Will He accept this? YES!!! Why? Because HE is OUR FATHER!! Matthew 6:9-13

THIS IS THE GOOD NEWS!! All The Lord has EVER wanted from us is to say ‘we are sorry‘. Adam could not do this.

The “majority“ of any generation before us has not done this. “WE” CAN BE “THE” GENERATION THAT BRINGS THE LORD BACK that the psalmist prophesies about, OR “ANOTHER GENERATION CAN” . Psalm 102:18

We have a very short time to live Dear Friends. Young children up to the age of 40 or so do not even think about dying. Why? They are too busy following us old folks and the “monetary system” we have set up for THEM. But “WHO” have we really set the system up FOR? “HE” was kicked out by the Lord millenniums ago!!!

One billion of our disabled brothers and sisters have been and are still waiting patiently for our help along with our brothers and sisters who are dying today who have been waiting patiently for food.

It is not about money folks. What are we going to do?

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We do not need to die to get to heaven folks! "Heaven" was here when

The Lord was here! Please now read The Gospel again, The Only Gospel, The True

Gospel, and bring The Lord back NOW, through ACTION!


Remember Dear People, Making our Political and Religious leaders accountable NOW

to feed those children dying from starvation today and allowing them to "Be Fruitful and Multiply"

will bring our Lord back NOW and He will be Happy!

Please contribute in this mission by sending emails to the

world leaders daily and refer them to this website.

It will help to raise awareness and might push them

to give better attention to the pressing issues.

Twitter accounts of World Leaders are found at this link:

God accepts challenges...

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