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"If we allow the children to suffer, we will suffer with them"!

1 Corinthians 12:26

Paul also says "If the children are honored", "We all rejoice with them"!

1 Corinthians 12:26

This Could Be Our Children in Our Generation Ladies and Gentlemen if We CHOOSE! 
They could be honored or we can continue to bring DEATH in their lives, through WARS! 
Paul concluded: 
THE ONLY WAY We can honor the children and rejoice with them is to LOVE THEM


If we don't, WE 'CHOOSE' TO DIE.

This is what we've chosen so far, Worldwide,
Ladies and Gentlemen--

"WE" have continued to choose our own deaths; God has not chosen us to die and NEVER HAS!

Please good friends, listen to me and remember this.

In Matthew 15:13 , Jesus tells us that , "Every plant that is not planted by God the Father will be pulled up by the roots".

In other words: 
Every seed, literally folks, that is not sown for the benefit of ALL the people (including the 27,000 children dying today, tomorrow, and the next day, from hunger) is sown in vain, and is not sown with the love for God in mind.

Are we our brothers' keeper? 

John tells us in Revelation 6 and 8 friends that God is coming back angry.
This does “NOT” have to happen if we put (and keep) the Children FIRST!

This can ONLY happen when we Take Away Their DEBT and give them the Best!

Moreover, When the Lord told Martha, 'Whoever lives and believes in Him will Never Die'

John 11:26

He was saying, “THE GENERATION”

that is living (literally folks) and puts the Children FIRST taking away their debt will “NEVER DIE!”

If We Choose!

Only if we choose to put the Children FIRST and follow the Lord as He did at the "Wedding in Cana”, will the Lord come back HAPPY instead of ANGRY.

Once we do this WORK ,The Lord will come back like He has always wanted to, and come back with THE POWER TO Save Us from DEATH!!!

Matthew 9:18-26Mark 5:21-43Luke 7:11-17John 11:1-44,

I know I do!

This is true. 
How then can this be resolved?

The Lord believes the work of : 
Actors, entertainers, and athletes, as well as assembly line workers, oil well and oil refinery workers, power plant workers, miners, electricians, plumbers, construction workers, mechanics, foundry workers, fruit pickers, rice pickers, farmers, sugarcane harvesters, bean, corn, and potato sorters, people that manufacture ‘scrubbers’ for smoke stacks, supervisors, managers, doctors, and Presidents, are all important.

As the Lord tells us ,
“Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loose in heaven”,

Matthew 16:19

This is very true!

The Lord believes All of us, however, including Those dying of hunger, Are Hard Workers; We All benefit our society; Until we believe this, 
We won't be saved!

WE NEED TO ABOLISH THE SYSTEM BASED ON The Market to bring the Lord back HAPPY!

Please read it, you'll see!

MATTHEW 20: 1-16

Unfortunately, since Christ’s time, we have continued to keep “Young Married Couples and those Dying from starvation” the most exasperated, suppressed, enraged, irritated, and the most embittered and used group of God’s Children on the planet; provoking their anger and sending them literally to their graves; HOW? By keeping a Dollar Value on God-Given Resources and following the leaders of the past for the last Two Thousand Years!

This Must STOP if we wish to be saved!

The Lord mocked the “system” many, many times saying THE MONEY HAS TO GO, especially in

Matthew 20: 1-16

which is what got Him and His Apostles killed.

When the Lord and His Apostles mocked the "system” to end the money and the suffering and the temptation placed on the Children,

Matthew 17:24-28 , 20:1-16 , 22:15-22

He and His Apostles were Killed.



We do not need to die to get to heaven folks! "Heaven" was here when

The Lord was here! Please now read The Gospel again, The Only Gospel, The True

Gospel, and bring The Lord back NOW, through ACTION!


Remember Dear People, Making our Political and Religious leaders accountable NOW

to feed those children dying from starvation today and allowing them to "Be Fruitful and Multiply"

will bring our Lord back NOW and He will be Happy!

Please contribute in this mission by sending emails to the

world leaders daily and refer them to this website.

It will help to raise awareness and might push them

to give better attention to the pressing issues.

Twitter accounts of World Leaders are found at this link:

God accepts challenges...

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